Relocation Services
Vanpac GroupAsia’s Relocation Services are specially tailored to assist each individual or family settle into their new environment easily and comfortably. From the introductory pre-orientation tours to the nitty-gritty of utilities applications, our relocation services consultants will be fully on hand to be of services to you.
Features provided by our relocation services include:

  • Pre-orientation tours
  • House Search
  • Rental Negotiation
  • School Search
  • Utilities Application
  • Bank Accounts Opening
  • Domestic Help
  • Handyman Services
  • Furniture Rental or Purchase
  • Vehicle Purchase or Leasing
Valet Services can also be arranged through us for the busy executives. With our valet servies, we will prepare your house to be ready for living in: all books will be sorted neatly onto the bookcases, kitchenware unwrapped and placed into the cabinet, beds set-up and made neatly and clothes hung into wardrobes etc.