ISO 9002 is an industry standard created by the international Organization for Standardization, its long title is “Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing.” Vanpac GroupAsia has fulfilled all the standards’s requirements for quality management system, defining the company’s policy on quality and quality tracking through statistical means.
This means that Vanpac GroupAsia is providing its customers highest quality standard service available in the industry and that is recognized by international institutions. With ISO 9002 standard you’re guaranteed to get the best sservice from Vanpac GroupAsia.


certified by Ernst and Young

Vanpac GroupAsia complies with the latest FIDI FAIM-PLUS standard which is international standard developed entirely to insure the consistent quality of international moving companies. This certificate insures that every customer will get the best and highest quality service possible while moving their belongings to a different country and have the guarantee of damage-free moving to protect both sentimental and face value of the properties.
This standard tracks every aspect of company’s performance
from procedures, to staff training and vehicle and facilities maintenance and Vanpac GroupAsia continuously achieves the best scores in these areas



Vanpac GroupAsia aims to enhance our position in Asia’s Moving and Relocations Services industry by providing our customers with the finest qualityof service by exceeding customer expectations through a concentrated effort while focusing individual efforts on performing correctly the first time and every time. All offices in the group are guided by a set of guidelines and procedures to ensure equality in the provision of quality services are met throughout.
Our Goals & Commitments

  • To ensure client satisfaction every time through providing a service that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.
  • To recruit and retain high performing and productive staff who are trained to a standard that ensure quality of service and commitment to service at all levels.
  • To build strong mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers through our purchasing and approved supplier programs.
  • To provide a safe and enjoyable work environment fostering a spirit of cooperation amongst all of our people enabling us to reach our individual and common goals, and allowing us all to prosper in our endeavors and feel proud of our company and our business accomplishments.
  • To maintain a philosophy of continuous quality improvement by providing for the perpetual training of our population, and by constantly communicating our quality resolve to each other and to our publics.
  • To continue to build a stable and secure company by obtaining a fair profit, by industry standards for the quality service we render, thus enabling our employees, customers and vendors to have comfort in all of their interactions with us, sharing and joining in our success.


By offering uniquely personalized international relocation, Vanpac GroupAsia has made the moving and relocation process as simple as it can be. The company offers help in finding a new home, as well as finding a new school and helping my family find a new car at the best rates. We’re now settled in in our new home and the moving process we dreaded to even think about went as smoothly as it can go, with all our belongings still intact and in one piece.
We’re sure to recommend Vanpac GroupAsia to all our friends who are looking to come to Asia, since the services the company offered exceeded our expectations by a lot.