Too much to carry? Excess Baggage by sea or air
Moving a small amount? Our international baggage service has made it easier from collection of your goods. freighting.
delivery and everything in between. Unaccompained baggage can be anything from an extra suitcase, a set of golf clubs,
books sporting equipment, surfboard, computer, a box of traveling essentials and more. Whatever you need to send, you can use
our services to avoid steep airline excess luggage fees.There are multiple ways to send unaccoumpained
baggage overseas. It depends on the load size, weight, location, urgency and budget. Simply contact us.

Vanpac GroupAsia international baggage provides:

  • A co-ordinator to organise & oversee your baggage shipping from start to finish
  • The best boxes & packing boxes and materials goods used to protect your goods.
  • Baggage collected from your origin destination & taken for loading onto shipping containers
  • Items shipped to chosen country, delivered to your end destination and unloaded
  • Shipping & local delivery, include customs clearance

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Vanpac GroupAsia is one of the most reliable unaccompained baggage companies Across Asia. We have built up skills
and knowledge over 35 years that enable us to send baggage to all corners of the world.